Our Mission, Our Vision & Our Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the preferred supplier to all our clients and support the clinical development through economic supplies and on time delivery for a healthier world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support continuous development of better health solutions and satisfy patient’s medical needs by ensuring ethical business practices, intense delivery, impeccable customer service, quality commitment and passionate people.

Our Values

Commitment : 

We are committed to support the drug development for a better and healthier world as well as delivering the cost effiective solutions on time.

Collaboration :

Collaborate as a team with our network and customers for comprehensive solutions.

Trust :

Respect our commitments because they bring in trust from our customers and suppliers.

Empowerment : 

Continuously strengthen the team of passionate people for customer allegiance and empowering our customers for timely conduct of clinical trials to support the development of innovative & cost effective medical solutions.

Providing you with the best services for a better and healthier society tomorrow.

Clinical Supply Solutions - Global, Quick, Accurate

Our intense and intelligent services with dedication to serve the clinical research industry, patients globally and the society makes us stand out as an undisputed preferred supplier.


Jupiter Research Services is empowered by talented people, experienced professionals with strong commitment to deliver excellence always.


Our services including Comparator Sourcing, Storage, Logistics & Distribution across the globe with our wide spread network makes us efficient for Global, Quick & Accurate clinical supply solutions.

We are proudly serving multiple pharmaceutical, biotech and research-space companies with "end-to-end" services "sourcing-storage-supply" through controlled ambient and cold chain across the globe.

Regulatory Compliance

Quality Assurance

Direct & Indirect Sourcing

Global Network
Easy Access

Expert Consultation

24x7 Real Time Coverage

One Stop Solution

Comprehensive  Solutions